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Community (Things to Be)

This song is by Paula & Karol and appears on the album Overshare (2010).

Hey love, what's that sound?
Are the heavens coming down?
Has the moon just touched the ground?
The heart just lost it's beat?

Hey folks, drink that wine
Age 65 or 89
The end is close but we're feeling fine
And everybody's free

See the life we had, get washed into the sea
The guarded door, the myth of more
The soil beneath our feet
Oh, Lord, we've tried, to break captivity
We cut our hair, we make our bread,
And plant the living seed, for all, things to be

Watch out love, coming through
Down the street your avenue,
See the man, he came for you
There's no place to run

Hey children, lock the door
Hear the voice in the corridor
He's been calling out your name before,
Father hold your son.

See the life we had...

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