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Album by Paul Wall.
  1. They Don't Know (featuring Mike Jones)
  2. Dat's What Dat Is (featuring Bun B, H.A.W.K. and Killer Mike)
  3. What Cha Gon Do (featuring Mr. Lucci and Mr. Pookie)
  4. Why You Peepin Me
  5. Chick Magnet (featuring Dani Marie)
  6. Am What I Am (featuring Poppy and Slim Thug)
  7. Tryin to Get Paid
  8. Break Bread (featuring Gu-U and Lew Hawk)
  9. Oh No (featuring Trae)
  10. Know What I'm Talkin' About
  11. Did I Change (featuring Pretty Todd, Scooby and Unique)
  12. Hustler Stackin Ends (featuring Shasta and Redd)
  13. My Life (featuring Kyle Lee and Mark G)

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