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This song is by Paul Stookey and appears on the album Paul and (1971).

Oh boy, another gig with the tiger
Another pig in the fire
And the flames keep getting higher
There are causes I have lost myself within
And some without
And every man I thought he knew
What I should be about
But I put that all behind
When I asked the Son to shine into my life

Oh no, another go at the circus
Another wheel out of focus
And I think I found the joke is on me
Assuming your salvation can be such a dangerous lie
But before you get the license, honey
First you gotta learn how to drive
I'm feeling so much wiser
Since the Supervisor came into my life

Oh wow, another plow in the ocean
Another day of devotion
And I'm living in slow motion
All of my sins 'been forgiven
Can't you see by the way that I've been living?
I'm feeling so much better
Since he brought the Holy Letter into my life

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