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Gagarin Alexei Leonov
Lunik three zero g ascending node
Claire de Lune mare hyperborium
Van Allen radiation diurnal libration
artemus Count Down and gemini
Edward White cavorite Saturn five
lovell Tereskova James M.C. DiVitt
and Julius Schmidt command module door
full mountains Robert Goddard
retro rocket high dryden
liftoff and lunacy
blue Moon perilune bailly's beads
bishop Francis Godwin and the tidal bulge
Sun rise terminator tyco brahea
and Donald Slayton
splash down Sputnik all systems go
ocean of storms Walter Schirra
mission control
fly me to the Moon
surveyor eclipse Adler
and beer Gordon Cooper
ranger seven, Werner von Braun
Roger Chaffee say Roger Chaffee
Alan Shepherd barry centers
Roger Chaffee la la
of nectar Johann Keplar
la la at minus five
and counting carpenter
cape Kennedy one giant leap
for mankind la la
Jules Verne green cheese
Jules Verne green cheese
Jules Verne green cheese