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Miss Cherry Lane

This song is by Paul Siebel and appears on the album Woodsmoke And Oranges (1970).

She's really quite commonplace
She pencils it on her face
And very well read reading magazines
Riding in quaint old cars
Smoking on slim cigars
Miss Cherry Lane
Makes the latest scenes

She'd be a drag in bed
Just dropping names instead
Trying so hard not to get uptight
Real women cry the blues
They might even lose their shoes
But Miss Cherry Lane
You're a parasite

History knows you too
So nothing you do is new
You and your sisters a million years
Wondering when Rome burned down
With pieces of Nero's crown
Miss Cherry Lane
Please get out of here

You'll never feel no pain
And you'll never touch Lorainne
And you'll never shatter
The fisherman...

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