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How Many Fools

This song is by Paul Schwartz, features Lisbeth Scott and appears on the album Earthbound (2002).

I stand beneath
A secret wandering sky
I watch as drops of moonlight
Spill around your eyes

A shadow falls and you are gone
To pools of broken leaves
And twisted aching trees
And your breath becomes the wind
And I am left to wonder
Just how many fools I've been...
How many fools...

I speak unheard
Inside this starless night
And beg the mist to clone
Another traveler's sight

So that I might see the truth that lives
Inside your heart and
Never be deceived again
Beguiled by smoky visions
Of a love I thought I'd seen
How many fools I've been...
How many fools...

How many fools
How many fools...


Music by:

Paul Schwartz

Lyrics by:

Lisbeth Scott

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