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Bunkka (2002)Edit

Paul Oakenfold - Bunkka


  1. Ready Steady Go
  2. Southern Sun
  3. Time Of Your Life
  4. Hypnotised
  5. Zoo York
  6. Nixon's Spirit
  7. Hold Your Hand (featuring Emilíana Torrini)
  8. Starry Eyed Surprise
  9. Get Em Up
  10. Motion
  11. The Harder They Come

A Lively Mind (2006)Edit

Paul Oakenfold - A Lively Mind

A Lively Mind

  1. Faster Kill Pussycat (featuring Brittany Murphy)
  2. No Compromise (featuring Spitfire)
  3. Sex 'N' Money (featuring Pharrell Williams)
  4. Switch On (featuring Ryan Tedder)
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Set It Off (featuring Grandmaster Flash)
  7. The Way I Feel (featuring Ryan Tedder)
  8. Praise The Lord
  9. Save the Last Trance for Me
  10. Not Over (featuring Ryan Tedder)
  11. Vulnerable (featuring Bad Apples)
  12. Feed Your Mind (featuring Spitfire)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Right Here, Right Now
  2. As The Rush Comes
  3. Dark Machine
  4. Dread Rock
  5. Faster Kill Pusycat
  6. Flesh
  7. Get 'Em Up
  8. Get Out Of My Life Now
  9. Get Out Of My Life
  10. Idioteque
  11. Planet Rock
  12. Right Here, Right Now
  13. Rubberneckin'
  14. Silence
  15. Someone
  16. Starry Eyes Surprise


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