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Fire Theft

This song is by Paul Michel.

Oh my god
How you stay in my head
The image of you cold
And naked in my bed

I should have known
That you always had me fooled
It's a shame the way
He looks at you

How my body
Is tired and worn
My back is breaking
Underneath the strain, oh lord

Under all the days
That stretch before me cruel
It's a shame
That I can't look at you

Remember the days
Before the fire theft
When Eden was still ours
Back in the day before the fire theft

When Eden was still ours, darling
The sun comes up
And the shadows in our room
The smell of you still lingers
Here I swear it's true

I try to get up
Try to move on but never could
It's a shame
That I'm still in love with you

Oh liar, you said
You wouldn't ever leave
Oh liar, you said
You'd always be with me

Oh liar, don't look down
And don't look back
I see the way things are changing
And I want them back
I want them back


Written by:

J. Marks

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