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Santa Drives a Pickup

This song is by Paul Gross & David Keeley.

Christmas Eve was comin', the elves were feelin' low
Santa Claus was sweating 'cause there wasn't any snow
The weather went all crazy, the seasons flipped around
The North Pole felt like Fiji, the world was upside down

So Santa did some thinking with his special secret brew
All at once it hit him, he said "boys, here's what we'll do"
The elves topped up the gas tank, Santa climbed aboard
And turned the engine over on that '67 Ford

Santa drives a pickup, the reindeer ride in back
Watch out for that fat man, he'll be comin' down your stack
Santa drives a pickup, he's a red neck maniac
Watch out for the big guy, he'll be comin' down your stack

The Ford she started humming, Santa flashed a grin
Gave the elves a victory sign, said shall we begin
They loaded up the toys and all the goodies for the folks
As Rudolph got a map out and he studied all the roads

Santa winked at Mrs. Claus, she said "honey come home soon
Easy on the milk and cookies, remember I love you"
Santa waved and hit the gas and boy that truck did fly
Laid a patch of rubber, said "we're goin' worldwide"

Cruising down I-95, a trooper track him down
Said "mister what's your hurry, someone run you out of town?"
Santa said "here's my ID, the licence for my sleigh"
The trooper took one look and said "Mr. Claus, I'll lead the way"

Next morning all the boys and girls were joyful as can be
As they woke to find their presents underneath the Christmas tree
Santa was contented as he turned out all the lights
He said "Merry Christmas one and all and to all a good night"

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