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White Man's Curse

This song is by Paul Chesne and appears on the album White Man's Curse (2008).

White Man's Curse

Stay up past your bedtime darlin'
Never been to church
Instead of prayin' I'm out carousin'
It's the White Man's Curse
Hey and if you feel guilty then you should
Just because you weren't there either
Don't mean you're any good
Hey man, you're cursed
Since the day your mom gave birth
You're alone, it hurts
They'll only help you in the hearse
Break my arm in disillusion
You can sign my cast
There's this sayin' that's been proven
Sometimes it's harder to go slow
Then it is to go fast
Hey it's the sound of the DJ always stirring up trouble
Hey it's a wreck on the freeway
I wish I had a shovel
Hey son, what's wrong
Tell your dad what's goin' on
Hey dad, guess what
Your little boy is all growed up
Hey and if your baby's drinkin' hold your breath
Hey it's the only way she knows how to cope with this loneliness
Hey son, you're drunk
Everyday for the past 9 months
Hey dad, guess what
I think you think too much
Injustice seekin' makes you angry you think your struggle's worse
I don't claim to know much but I do know...
Every Honky's Got The White Man's Curse.

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