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Tired, Lonely & Poor

This song is by Paul Chesne and appears on the album White Man's Curse (2008).

Tired, Lonely and Poor

How'd I get myself in this here predicament
Where my cash flow's all dried up
Can't pay my rent feel like an idiot
Hey Mr. you got a little extra drop of wine for my cup

Well my landlord is pounding on my door
My girlfriend won't call me anymore
I wouldn't blame 'em
If I had enough strength to fight the war
Because I'm tired and I'm lonely and I'm poor

I miss the hard drugs, the stiff drinks, the endless love,
The company jet and the country club
But now it's just me, my bad memory,
This empty can of chicken of the sea
A hollow heart and a broken old neon sign that says vacancy
There's nothing glamorous, it's a struggle to endure
This vagrant life just don't it anymore
And I'm wondering what on Earth I'm fighting for
Because I'm tired & I'm lonely and I'm poor

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