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Pink Champagne

This song is by Paul Chesne and appears on the album White Man's Curse (2008).

Pink Champagne
Hey right there in the boxcar he did die
With the Pink Champagne and the apple of your eye
He never made it down there with all the perverts in paradise
In a big rocking chair with a picture of his bride

I got the Pink Champagne, Lesbians blowin' kisses
Look at that face, grantin' all my wishes
I can't complain, please don't tell the Mrs.
I wanna keep you right there and smother you in dirty dishes

Hey rock star at the crossroads sell your soul
For a girl and a thrill and a hit like rock 'n' roll
Hey cliché why don't you write an original
You could start it right here with this desperate individual

I guess the rent got paid and things are lookin' up
If not for today, for the rest of the month
I got the pink champagne with all the perverts in paradise
The price of oil these days and all the gas that's in the sky

Guitar solo

I got the hurricane category 6
I got the runaway on the news at 6
I got the KKK runnin' politics
I got the 666 at the crossroads of my soul
And the devil's name is spelled in the bible

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