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I Don't Mind

This song is by Paul Chesne and appears on the album White Man's Curse (2008).

I Don't Mind

I don't mind & I don't mind
Just sit me here with no place to go
Got no reason to be worried
& Baby can't you take a joke

Like a sea monster comes tomorrow
Rising wet out of the waves
All covered in kelp
All covered in seaweed
But Happy that he finally reached the beach

Sit down on the sidewalk
Right here beside me
Fall in the gutter
I'm down in there writhing

Oh & I don't mind & I don't mind
Just sit me here with no place to go

Ever since I lent your sister that money
I swore I would never see you again
I asked the minister if he thinks that it's sinister
He told me that he's never heard that plot before

Said, "Baby don't be surprised 'bout the fuss that you're makin'
I got nothing to hide and that's the truth
Just like your neighbor chasing rainbows
Waiter I think there's a fly in my soup"

Lie down beside me
Here in the gutter
Every question you ask of me
Every sentence I utter

Oh & I don't mind & I don't mind

I love you because you're photogenic
And you don't say god bless sneeze
You can take that as a compliment
You can just chalk it up to my disease

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