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​For One Day

This song is by Paul Chesne and appears on the album Wet Dog Man (2005).

For one day

Someday I'm going to rule this rooster
Ask that guy with the feminine posture
Is he a feline or an impostor
With a penchant for to harbor
Fugitive scapegoats
Ancient love notes
Warm down winter coats even though he lives on the coast
Desert all year long in the middle of summer
With 3 different drummers you might think that's bummer
Be he's on his own today
So you better make way.
How to describe this
I got arthritis
A wife 3 kids
What'd I do to deserve this all of these loved ones
Maybe you only got none
But the guy in the red and white shirt asked you for some
All you could give him was kick inthe shins
A bloody face 'cause he jumped off the roof
But all I can say in his defense is that he made it through the day
And that's more than I can say for you.
He said I told him the truth.
Middle of the street
Face down on the concrete
Mission incomplete
Facin the facts
Facin defeat
Get up swingin'
Back on my feet
You might think that it's cool
She says it's neat
Ain't that sweet
Askin your highness
What about the shyness of boredom and orders
Gotta take a step back all I get for today is the cold shoulder.
That's all I get for today.
There's gold in them thar hills
Safety orange pills
Workin in the steel mills
22 dollar bills from Beverly Hills
Really quite a deal
Don't have to steal
It'll hold you over the grill
Try not to spill,
'Cause I just got the carpet cleaned yesterday.
Straight oughtta Baghdad
He was a sad cat
Tryin' to make it
With the listening public
That didn't cut it
His mouth was the subject and he wouldn't shut it
Even though I expressly asked him to do it
For One Day
Just for one day