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Odds 'n' EndsEdit

  1. The Ballad of the Sneak
  2. Uncle Puffy's
  3. Tap Three Times
  4. The Deballers
  5. Lindsay
  6. Anything but Paris
  7. Every Man Has a Secret
  8. Lose the Gonads

Opening Band (2005)Edit

Paul And Storm - Opening Band

Opening Band

  1. Opening Band
  2. Six Guys, Ten Teeth
  3. Randy Newman's "Theme from Seabiscuit"
  4. The Ballad of Eddie Praeger
  5. Epithets
  6. You Just Don't Get It, Do You?
  7. Randy Newman's "Theme from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"
  8. Randy Newman's "Theme from The Passion of the Christ"
  9. Buffett Night (Tonight, I'm a Parrothead)
  10. Find the Words
  11. Shake Machine
  12. Shake Machine, Part II
  13. Fresh Step Kitty Litter
  14. Ex-Lax
  15. Kleenex
  16. Necco Wafers
  17. Twister
  18. Denny's
  19. Domino's Pizza
  20. Cheetos
  21. Pillsbury Cookie Dough
  22. Randy Newman's "Theme from Citizen Kane"
  23. The Miranda Lullabye
  24. The International Language
  25. Randy Newman's "Theme from Scarface"

News to Us (2006)Edit

Paul And Storm - News To Us

News To Us

  1. The BarryTones' Musical Summary of the News of the Week
  2. RIP Don Knotts
  3. That's the News of the Week
  4. Barry Bonds Press Conference - The Musical
  5. Strip Club Daddy
  6. John Mellencamp's "Theme from 24"
  7. George Mason
  8. K-R-I-S-T-I
  9. The Easter Song
  10. Mr. Safety's Bowling Alley
  11. Old Keith Richards
  12. Mother's Day Song
  13. Hot Monkey Love
  14. Those Enron Boys
  15. Other Places Jimmy Hoffa Isn't
  16. Soccer
  17. Chick and the Dictator
  18. Ten-Finger Johnny
  19. I'm Gonna Blow Myself Up
  20. Happy Birthday, Kristi
  21. Mel
  22. Too Friggin' Hot
  23. Hip-Shop
  24. Your Love Is (Love Song With Metaphor)

Gumbo Pants (2007)Edit

Paul And Storm - Gumbo Pants

Gumbo Pants

  1. Count to Ten
  2. Your Town
  3. Oh, No
  4. Nugget Man
  5. The Captain's Wife's Lament
  6. More than Two
  7. My Fantastic Plastic Girl
  8. Elvis Died Today
  9. Here's Looking at You
  10. Extremely Old with You
  11. A Better Version of You
  12. If James Taylor Were on Fire
  13. If Bob Dylan Were Hiding at the Bottom of a Well
  14. If James Taylor Were on Fire at the Bottom of a Well
  15. If Leon Redbone Suffered a Major Head Injury
  16. If Aaron Neville Were Waiting for a Parking Spot at the Mall, But Someone Else Snagged It
  17. If They Might Be Giants Were the Ice Cream Man
  18. Raisin
  19. Do You Recall
  20. Grandma
  21. Infected
  22. Very Two Best Friends
  23. Gee, Mary Lou
  24. Magic Night
  25. Gumbo Pants
  26. Sports Illustrated
  27. Cool Whip
  28. SpaghettiOs
  29. Olive Garden

Do You Like Star Wars? (2010)Edit

Paul And Storm - Do You Like Star Wars?

Do You Like Star Wars?

  1. Paul and Storm - Theme Song
  2. Cruel, Cruel Moon
  3. Nun Fight
  4. Frogger! The Frogger Musical
  5. Live
  6. Me Make Fire
  7. I Will Sing a Lullabye
  8. Here Comes the Dinosaurs
  9. Big Bottom
  10. Lose the Gonads
  11. Hippie with a Djembe
  12. Boolean Love Song
  13. The Ballad of Rufus Amos Adams
  14. Lame Monster Party
  15. Christmas Eve Eve
  16. Grandma's Christmas Dinner
  17. The Way-Too-Early Christmas Song
  18. Better Off Dead (Randy Newman's "Theme from 'It's a Wonderful Life'")
  19. Nun Fight (Live at the Guthrie Theater)
  20. The Captain's Wife's Lament (Live at the Guthrie Theater)

Ball Pit (2014)Edit

Paul And Storm - Ball Pit

Ball Pit

  1. Write Like the Wind
  2. My Favorite Band
  3. This Song
  4. Right Here with You
  5. Dusty California
  6. You Left Me
  7. Steely Dansplaining
  8. The Irish Sing-along Song (Live)
  9. Thanksgiving
  10. Sausage Party
  11. Passing Water
  12. Holidays Song
  13. Incompetent's Lament
  14. Gowanus Canal
  15. (The Shadow War Of The Night) Dragons Of The Night
  16. Fuzzy Man (Fuzzy Nation)
  17. Lil' Guildies - Theme Song
  18. When I Grow Up
  19. Nerdist Writers Panel
  20. Critical Hit
  21. The DM Is a Douche
  22. Wizard
  23. Level up!
  24. I Attack the Darkness
  25. Saving Throw

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