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This page details recordings by the rock singer Patty Smyth. For the punk rock singer Patti Smith and the rock group Patti Smith Group, see Patti Smith.

Never Enough (1987)Edit

Patty Smyth - Never Enough
Never Enough
  1. Never Enough
  2. Downtown Train
  3. Give It Time
  4. Call To Heaven
  5. River Cried
  6. Isn't It Enough
  7. Sue Lee
  8. Tough Love
  9. Heartache Heard Round The World

Patty Smyth (1992)Edit

Patty Smyth - Patty Smyth
Patty Smyth
  1. No Mistakes
  2. Too Much Love
  3. Make Me A Believer
  4. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
  5. Out There
  6. River Of Love
  7. My Town
  8. Shine
  9. One Moment To Another
  10. I Should Be Laughing

Songs on SoundtracksEdit

Songs featuring Patty SmythEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Beat Of A Heart
  2. Everyone Gets Older

Additional information

Patty Smyth is a member of:
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