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Mm, Mm, Mm

This song is by Patti LaBelle and appears on the album Timeless Journey (2004).

You're driving me crazy, it's something I can't explain
Whatever you're doing to me why don't you do it again?
I've never been so in love must've been sent from above
To fill my empty nights make everything all right
Your love is too good for words

Your love is everything

If I could imagine the perfect man it would be you
You bring out the woman in me with everything that you do
I've never been so alive where have you been all my life
I love the way it feels to have a man that's real I'm so happy inside

Your love is everything

Anything you want from me I will give you what you need
Just say the word and it's done
I know you're the one your kiss is like a drug to me
Love the way you're touching me I'm addicted to you
And that thing that you do

Your love is everything

Written by:

Sheldon Goode, Francesca Maeondra Richard, Mary Brown, Sami R. Mckinney Patti Labelle

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