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Patsy Cline (1957)Edit

Patsy Cline - Patsy Cline
Patsy Cline
  1. That Wonderful Someone
  2. In Care Of The Blues
  3. Hungry For Love
  4. Too Many Secrets
  5. Don't Ever Leave Me Again
  6. Ain't No Wheels On This Ship
  7. I Can't Forget You
  8. I Don't Wanna
  9. Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray
  10. Walkin' After Midnight
  11. Fingerprints
  12. Then You'll Know

Patsy Cline Showcase (1961)Edit

Patsy Cline - Patsy Cline Showcase
Patsy Cline Showcase
  1. I Fall To Pieces
  2. Foolin' 'Round
  3. The Wayward Wind
  4. South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)
  5. I Love You So Much It Hurts
  6. Seven Lonely Days
  7. Crazy
  8. San Antonio Rose
  9. True Love
  10. A Poor Man's Roses (Or A Rich Man's Gold)
  11. Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)

Sentimentally Yours (1962)Edit

Patsy Cline - Sentimentally Yours
Sentimentally Yours
  1. She's Got You
  2. Heartaches
  3. That's My Desire
  4. Your Cheatin' Heart
  5. Anytime
  6. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It)
  7. Strange
  8. You Belong To Me
  9. You Were Only Fooling (While I Was Falling In Love)
  10. Half As Much
  11. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
  12. Lonely Street

A Portrait Of Patsy Cline (1964)Edit

Patsy Cline - A Portrait Of Patsy Cline
A Portrait Of Patsy Cline
  1. Faded Love
  2. I'll Sail My Ship Alone
  3. When You Need A Laugh
  4. Crazy Arms
  5. Always
  6. When I Get Thru With You (You'll Love Me Too)
  7. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  8. Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
  9. Who Can I Count On
  10. You Took Him Off My Hands
  11. Your Kinda Love
  12. Does Your Heart Beat For Me?

Here's Patsy Cline (1965)Edit

Patsy Cline - Here's Patsy Cline
Here's Patsy Cline
  1. Stop The World (And Let Me Off)
  2. Yes, I Understand
  3. Just Out Of Reach
  4. Life's Railway To Heaven
  5. If I Could See The World (Through The Eyes Of A Child)
  6. I've Loved And Lost Again
  7. How Can I Face Tomorrow
  8. Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Songwriter's Tribute (1969)Edit

Patsy Cline - Songwriter's Tribute
Songwriter's Tribute
  1. Lovin' In Vain
  2. You're Stronger Than Me
  3. Imagine That
  4. So Wrong
  5. That's How A Heartache Begins
  6. He Called Me Baby

The Last Sessions (1988)Edit

Patsy Cline - The Last Sessions
The Last Sessions
  1. Love Letters In The Sand
  2. Sweet Dreams
  3. Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home

The Legendary Patsy Cline (1988)Edit

Patsy Cline - The Legendary
The Legendary Patsy Cline
  1. I Can See An Angel
  2. I'm Moving Along
  3. Turn The Cards Slowly
  4. The Heart You Break May Be Your Own
  5. I'm Blue Again
  6. Love, Love, Love Me, Honey Do
  7. Today, Tomorrow And Forever
  8. A Stranger In My Arms
  9. Cry Not For Me
  10. Come On In (And Make Yourself At Home)
  11. Gotta Lot Of Rhythm In My Soul
  12. Stop, Look And Listen
  13. I Cried All The Way To The Altar

The Patsy Cline Collection (1991)Edit

Patsy Cline - The Patsy Cline Collection
The Patsy Cline Collection
Disc 1
  1. I'm Walking The Dog
  2. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
  3. A Church, A Courtroom And Then Goodbye
  4. Honky Tonk Merry Go Round
  5. I Love You, Honey
  6. Yes, I Know Why
  7. For Rent
  8. Pick Me Up (On Your Way Down)
  9. Try Again
Disc 2
  1. Let The Teardrops Fall
  2. Never No More
  3. If I Could Only Stay Asleep
  4. Lovesick Blues
  5. There He Goes
  6. Crazy Dreams
  7. When Your House Is Not A Home
  8. Stupid Cupid
  9. Loose Talk
  10. Shoes
  11. Side By Side
Disc 4
  1. Why Can't He Be You
  2. Leavin' On Your Mind
  3. Back In Baby's Arms
  4. Tra Le La Le La Triangle
  5. Tennessee Waltz

Vol. 1 - Walkin' After Midnight (1991)Edit

Patsy Cline - Vol. 1
Vol. 1 - Walkin' After Midnight
  1. That's How Much I Love You

Vol. 3 - Don't Ever Leave Me Again (1993)Edit

Patsy Cline - Vol. 3
Vol. 3 - Don't Ever Leave Me Again
  1. He Will Do For You
  2. Dear God
  3. Hidin' Out
  4. Walkin' Dream

Classics (1995)Edit

Patsy Cline - Classics
  1. Poor Man's Roses

The Birth Of A Star (1996)Edit

Patsy Cline - The Birth Of A Star
The Birth Of A Star
  1. The Man Upstairs
  2. Down By The Riverside

Live At The Cimarron Ballroom (1997)Edit

Patsy Cline - Live At The Cimarron Ballroom
Live At The Cimarron Ballroom
  1. Shake, Rattle and Roll
  2. San Antonio Rose (Intermission)
  3. When My Dreamboat Comes Home

Other ReleasesEdit

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"Best Of" and Live Albums
Incorrectly Credited - not by Patsy Cline
  1. Apartment #9 is by Tammy Wynette
  2. Right Or Wrong is by Wanda Jackson
  3. Stand By Your Man is by Tammy Wynette

Other SongsEdit

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  1. A Stranger In Your Arms
  2. Blue
  3. Church, A Courtroom & Then Goodbye
  4. Come On In (And Make Yourself At Home
  5. Crazy Dreams - With Mila Mason
  6. Crazy Dream
  7. Daddy's Hands
  8. Foolin Round
  9. For Rent - Radio Transcription
  10. He Will Do For Me
  11. He Will Do It For You
  12. Heart You Break May Be Your Own
  13. How Can I Face Tomorrow? - Patsy Cline Extended Version
  14. I Can See An Angel Walking
  15. I Can't Forget You - With Crystal Gayle
  16. I Cried All The Way To The Alter
  17. I Fall To Pieces - Patsy Cline
  18. I Go Walking After Midnight
  19. I'd Just Love To Lay You Down - Conway Twitty
  20. If I Could Only Stay Asleep - With Beth Nielsen Chapman
  21. Imagine That - Patsy Cline
  22. In Case Of The Blues
  23. Just Out Of Reach - With Waylon Jennings
  24. Love, Love, Love Me Honey
  25. Man Upstairs
  26. Power In The Blood
  27. She Came Along
  28. Stop The World
  29. Stop,look And Listen
  30. Stranger In My Arms
  31. Stranger In Your Arms
  32. Stupid Cupid - Radio Transcription
  33. That Wonderful Someone - With Bob Carlisle
  34. The Back Side Of Dallas
  35. The Heart You Broke May Be Your Own
  36. There He Goes - With John Berry
  37. There She Goes
  38. Three Cigarettes In The Ashtray
  39. Today Tommorrow & Forever
  40. Wayward Wind
  41. When I Get Through With You (You'll Love Me Too)
  42. Yes, I Know Why - Radio Transcription

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