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This song is by Patent Pending and appears on the album Second Family (2011).

Just kiss me on the lips
And leave me gasping for my breath
So I could know just how it feels to be alive.

It's my area of expertise
That leaves me losing every piece of me
And I never meant to fully fall behind

Until you save me
You always pick up the pieces
And save me from myself

I wrote this song for you
The next one too
And everything I every do
It's all for you,
My little valentine.

The lost and found can't find me
And I'm out here all alone
But there's a tiny voice that guides me back to home

Every mile in this van
I'm driving close to the sands
To the sea cliff house
I've come to call my own

Let's get the boat
And sail away
And leave the world
A couple days
Never step a foot on shore again

An SOS to my best friend
Who forever makes me whole again
It's all for you,
My little valentine

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