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This song is by Patent Pending and appears on the album Second Family (2011).

This is me getting over you
This is the best that I can do.
This is me letting go
The last to know
Mistakes you can't undo

This is me burning photographs
This is me filling in the gaps
This is how it has to be
The last to see
The best of me is found

Everything about you
Is like a memory
It's like everything you said
You never said to me

Head in the clouds
It was love
I'd mistaken for falling down

I was holding onto something that
I thought could be
The greatest love song of the century

Left me alone to pick up
Every piece of the mess you made of me
You're the very worst part of me

This is you wishing it's not true
This is doing all that you can do
This is me walking out
Removing doubt
The things I never knew

This is how it feels to know you're wrong
This is understanding all along
This is all I have to know
I told you so
It comes and goes around

I miss the smell of alcohol
And falling apart
And now I'm patient
Waiting for your call

Is breaking my heart
Now it's losing its appeal
How always think it's weird how I worry
'Cause I worry

And I've been known to judge
A person by their matter of fact
But don't you bother with equations
'Cause I'm finished with that
Like how me minus you equals me completely
(Me minus you equals me completely [x4])

You're the very worst part of me.

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