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Little Miss Impossible

This song is by Patent Pending and appears on the album Second Family (2011).

Good morning again
From this cold, empty bed
Where I waste all my time
Just waiting here for you

Where I spend my nights regretting
Looking forward to
And setting up
To getting myself torn into two

I'm gonna break, break, break by the time we start
So take me down the way you do
So you can take, take, take this lonely heart
Because it all belongs to

Little miss complicated
Little miss overrated
Little miss made it impossible
To say anything though
You're everything to me.

Little miss over it
Little miss just can't handle it
Little miss why be so difficult
When you can be
Little miss impossible.

In keeping with the trends,
I guess you're sorry again
For lying every time you pick up the phone
I guess it can't be easy
Spending all your weekends leading me
To believing we could ever be alone

You're beautiful when you're not lying
I know I'm such a fool for trying at all
You're beautiful when you're not lying
And I'm a fool for thinking
That anything I do means anything at all

Why be difficult when you could be
Little miss impossible?

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