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Drive By (2002)Edit

  1. Cheer Up Emo Kid
  2. Donkey
  3. Sushi James
  4. Red Martians
  5. Fatty Macgee's Saxophone Adventures

Don't Quit Your Day Job (2004)Edit

Patent Pending - Don't Quit Your Day Job

Don't Quit Your Day Job

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Decemberween
  3. Bad News Bear
  4. Tipperary
  5. Dying In Mt. Sinai
  6. Song Number Six
  7. Yellow Snow
  8. Snake Eyes
  9. Cheer Up Emo Kid
  10. Parting Girts
  11. The Hoe Down
  12. Levittown Is For Lovers
  13. Red Martians Redux
  14. Decemberween

Is Your Biological Father (2004)Edit

Patent Pending - Is Your Biological Father

Is Your Biological Father

  1. One Less Heart To Break
  2. It's All On Me
  3. The June Spirit
  4. 67 Dollars And No Sense

Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine (2006)Edit

Patent Pending - Save Each Other, the Whales Are Doing Fine

Save Each Other, the Whales Are Doing Fine

  1. Los Angeles
  2. This Can't Happen Again
  3. Decemberween
  4. Lights Out In Mississippi
  5. Demo For Dayna
  6. Cheer Up Emo Kid
  7. Old And Out Of Tune
  8. Samantha The Great
  9. Sleep Well My Angel
  10. The Safety Of Sleeping In
  11. The L-Town Shakedown
  12. The June Spirit

Attack Of The Awesome!!! (2009)Edit

Patent Pending - Attack Of The Awesome!!!

Attack Of The Awesome!!!

  1. Anti-Everything
  2. Air Underneath My Feet
  3. The Way You Make Me Shake
  4. Dear Stacy, I Hate You
  5. Drop Dead
  6. Sunset Summer
  7. Hey Six
  8. Therefore, I Party

I'm Not Alone (2010)Edit

Patent Pending - I'm Not Alone

I'm Not Alone

  1. Not Penny's Boat
  2. Walk In Closet
  3. I'm Not Alone
  4. She Only Wants My Blood
  5. One Less Heart To Break
  6. Dance Till' We Die

Second Family (2011)Edit

Patent Pending - Second Family

Second Family

  1. I Already Know (She Don't Give A Shit About Me)
  2. Shake Weights & Moving Crates
  3. Cut, Copy, Paste
  4. Little Miss Impossible
  5. We're Freakin' Out (Map To Tahiti)
  6. Memory
  7. Douchebag
  8. Set The Sun On Fire
  9. This Love Can Save Us All
  10. Spin Me Around
  11. Valentine
  12. Second Family
  13. Bro, Seriously
  14. One Less Heart To Break
  15. Dance Till' We Die

Brighter (2013)Edit

Patent Pending - Brighter


  1. There Was A Time
  2. Shut It Down
  3. Let Go
  4. Hey Mario
  5. Battles
  6. Brighter
  7. All-Star Hipster
  8. Classic You
  9. The Whiskey, The Liar, The Thief
  10. Falling Out Of Love
  11. Damn!
  12. Spin Me Around (Bonus Track)

Riot Hearts Rebellion (2015)Edit

Patent Pending - Riot Hearts Rebellion

Riot Hearts Rebellion

  1. Another Day
  2. Until The Sun Comes Up
  3. Love Is Anarchy
  4. Six Feet
  5. Little Diamonds
  6. NSFW (.) (.)
  7. Started In My Head
  8. It's All Good Today
  9. Last Time That I Saw You
  10. Dating A Dick
  11. Keeper
  12. Riot Hearts Rebellion

Other SongsEdit

  1. Lights Out In Mississippi (Alternate Version)
  2. Little Country Preacher
  3. Prayer Is The Key To Heaven
  4. She's A Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas
  5. The Website Is Under Construction
  6. Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine

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