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Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

This song is by Passion and appears on the EP The Option (2008).

Four years removed.
A seven year old child is unaware of the horror's of this world.
Do not believe your parents when they say "there is no such thing as monsters".
Only thirty six months in and this young girl is forced to see that purity
Will be taken from you.
Hope has vanished into the night.
Tears once saved for a skinned knee are now shed for something far worse.
Steel bars can not contain the intentions that will remain.
The red light is on.
This assassination will be televised.
You have no say.
You have no right.
You are not a man.
My only compromise is that I look into your eyes so that you can see
What it looks like when innocense dies.
I know that two wrong's don't make a right but it will help her sleep tonight

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