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In One Ear And Out The Other

This song is by Passion and appears on the album The Fierce Urgency of Now (2006).

You don't care about what I had to say to you that night.
You don't care about anyone or anything but yourself, and think that's all right.
I've never met anyone quite like you, and I wish that it could have stayed that way.
This has happened to me once before, and I swore that it'd never happen again.
How could I have been so blind? You were the only one I could see.
What could I possibly have been thinking?
Apparently I wasn't thinking at all!
You can not help someone that does not want to be helped, no matter how hard
You try to convince yourself there's a chance.
They're hopeless, and you know it, deep down inside.
Here I am, yet again, all alone.
Wondering what went wrong this time.
I remember the first time that I saw you. I'll never forget the promises
Found in that smile.
I saw the promise of a new day, a new outlook, a new lease on life.
Things were going to be different this time.
I thought that you were real, I was real, this was real.
Again, I only ended up being really pathetic.
How many times can one person be lied to?
You said it'd be different, I believed you were different.
I believed everything you said to me and look where that has gotten me.
I gave and I gave and I gave and
I gave and I gave and I gave and
I gave and I gave
And you took it all away from me, and now nothing makes sense anymore.
My love was free, but you were not.
If only you were addicted to affection.
My love was free, but you were not.
If only my kiss could pay the bills.
If only I could convince you that you were worth more than the dirt on your knees.
There is nothing new in the used bin and I didn't bring much money with me
Tonight, so I guess I'm walking away with nothing yet again.
I'll walk away empty handed.
I can't believe this happened again.
I should have taken my own advice but instead it went in one ear and out the other

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