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You're Here

This song is by Passafire and appears on the album Everyone on Everynight (2009).

It's a win for the curious
Standing out of all the things you saw?
Stick my head out of the window and shout it out
Snatched out from underneath your hat
Here's the fears of the serious
Standing down for all the things you hear
Closing up all the windows and shut it out
Figured out we forgot what it's all about

You're here
I'm gone
You're here
I'm gone

Uncertain and perilous
Take a drink for the times that she didn't blink
Go ahead, it's all for you, let it in
We'll begin at the end, backtrack again
Here's a chair for the pair of us
Sit us down and tell it all again
Go ahead, it's all for you, hold it in
We'll pretend it's now instead of then

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