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The King

This song is by Passafire and appears on the album Everyone on Everynight (2009).

Before he was king, he was a TV repair man
Fixing radios with a knife and a beer can
Started playing with the circuitry
Making music with a box fan
Now he's building his collection
Setting up on the hot sand

Let the records start playin'
Anybody wanna hear that sound
Verberate and delayin'
Everyone loves the sound that he found
When the king's at the table
There's nothing he's unable to do
Like a baby in a cradle
I'll rock so steady for you

People became jealous of the king
Tried to incapacitate, discontinue his reign
Things changed when they found he was indestructible
Head full of ideas that the rest would never know
With the dawning of a new age, on a new page, is where he found the new thing
Synthesized and coming from the soul
Something truly and unmistakably original

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