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Silent Morning

This song is by Parralox and features Ryan Adames.

This song is a cover of "Silent Morning" by Noel.
I'm on fire, my emotions run so deep
You vowed to love me
Is that a vow you'd keep
Your smile is so tender
You've got me sighing a sweet surrender
Your touch is so pleasing
Makes me warm inside
Makes me feel I'm alive

And I can't resist your heavenly bliss
The magic concealed in your kiss
You must realize what I see in your eyes
Takes me beyond the skies

Silent Morning, I wake up and you're not by my side
Silent Morning, You know how hard I try
Silent Morning, They say a man's not supposed to cry
Silent Morning, Why did your love have to be a lie

I'm on fire
And you're my every desire
A living fantasy
And you know just what to do for me
I love the things you do
I'm here open arms waiting for you
Welcome whispers
Makes me warm inside
Makes me feel I'm alive

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