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By The Light Of The Stars

This song is by Papadosio and appears on the EP By The Light Of The Stars (2008).

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I went outside and flew by the driveway
I have been waiting so long for you to try
Jumped in the woods, I'm fueled by a memory
I always knew it, it was a matter of time

I reached the field all winded and wild eyed
And I could see by the light of the stars
It's been so long, where was I going?
Without a sign, I... I don't know where you are

I am the key, it's all been inside of me
You are my head and my heart and my soul
But with this gift there comes liability
It seems the world could spiral out of control

Your eyes
Your hands
Your heart
Your head

It's ours
The world
To do with
What we will

Your part
Your part is
To love it

You are
The light of
The light of the stars