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Potatoes for Christmas (1994)Edit

Papa Roach - Potatoes For Christmas
Potatoes For Christmas
  1. Coffee Thoughts
  2. Mama's Dress
  3. Lenny's
  4. Lulu Espidiachi
  5. Cheez-Z-Fux
  6. I Love Babies
  7. Dendrilopis

Old Friend from Young Years (1997)Edit

Papa Roach - Old Friends From Young Years
Old Friends from Young Years
  1. Intro
  2. Orange Drive Palms
  3. Liquid Diet
  4. Grrbrr
  5. iSEDuFuknDie
  6. DIRTYcutFreak
  7. Living Room
  8. 829
  10. hedake
  11. Shut up N Die (Reprise)
  12. Thanx
  13. The Last Song

5 Tracks Deep (1998)Edit

Papa Roach - 5 Tracks Deep
5 Tracks Deep
  1. Revenge in Japanese (Demo)
  2. My Bad Side
  3. July
  4. Tambienemy
  5. Thrown Away (Demo)

Let 'Em Know (1999)Edit

Papa Roach - Let 'Em Know
Let 'Em Know
  1. Walking Thru Barbed Wire
  2. Legacy
  3. Binge
  4. Snakes
  5. Tightrope (The Thin Line) (Heavy version)

Infest (2000)Edit

Papa Roach - Infest
  1. Infest
  2. Last Resort
  3. Broken Home
  4. Dead Cell
  5. Between Angels and Insects
  6. Blood Brothers
  7. Revenge
  8. Snakes
  9. Never Enough
  10. Binge
  11. Tightrope (Hidden Track)
    Bonus Tracks
  12. Legacy
  13. Dead Cell (Live Version)

Lovehatetragedy (2002)Edit

Papa Roach - Lovehatetragedy
  1. M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)
  2. Life Is a Bullet
  3. Time and Time Again
  4. Walking Thru Barbed Wire
  5. Decompression Period
  6. Born with Nothing, Die with Everything
  7. She Loves Me Not
  8. Singular Indestructible Droid
  9. Black Clouds
  10. Code of Energy
  11. Lovehatetragedy
Bonus Tracks
  1. Gouge Away (cover of "Gouge Away" by Pixies)
  2. Never Said It
  3. Naked in Front of the Computer (cover of "Naked In Front Of The Computer" by Faith No More)

Getting Away with Murder (2004)Edit

Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder
Getting Away with Murder
  1. Blood (Empty Promises)
  2. Not Listening
  3. Stop Looking Start Seeing
  4. Take Me
  5. Getting Away with Murder
  6. Be Free
  7. Done with You
  8. Scars
  9. Sometimes
  10. Blanket of Fear
  11. Tyranny of Normality
  12. Do or Die
Tour Edition Bonus Tracks
  1. Harder Than a Coffin Nail
  2. Caught Dead
  3. Take Me (Live)

The Paramour Sessions (2006)Edit

Papa Roach - The Paramour Sessions
The Paramour Sessions
  1. ...To Be Loved
  2. Alive (N' Out of Control)
  3. Crash
  4. The World Around You
  5. Forever
  6. I Devise My Own Demise
  7. Time Is Running Out
  8. What Do You Do?
  9. My Heart Is a Fist (featuring Travis Barker)
  10. No More Secrets
  11. Reckless
  12. The Fire
  13. Roses on My Grave
UK Bonus Track
  1. Scars (Live)
UK & US Bonus Track
  1. SOS
Mexico Bonus Track
  1. Scars (Spanish Version)
iTunes Bonus Track
  1. The Addict

Live Session (2007)Edit

Papa Roach - Live Session
Live Session
  1. Reckless
  2. Scars
  3. Forever (Acoustic)

Naked and Fearless: Acoustic EP (2007)Edit

Papa Roach - Naked And Fearless- Acoustic EP
Naked and Fearless: Acoustic EP
  1. Lifeline
  2. Had Enough
  3. Carry Me

Metamorphosis (2009)Edit

Papa Roach - Metamorphosis
  1. Days of War
  2. Change or Die
  3. Hollywood Whore
  4. I Almost Told You That I Loved You
  5. Lifeline
  6. Had Enough
  7. Live This Down
  8. March Out of the Darkness
  9. Into the Light
  10. Carry Me
  11. Nights of Love
  12. State of Emergency

...To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach (2010)Edit

Papa Roach - ...To Be Loved- The Best Of Papa Roach
...To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach
  1. Broken Home
  2. Last Resort
  3. Time and Time Again
  4. She Loves Me Not
  5. Scars
  6. Getting Away with Murder
  7. Just Go (Never Look Back)
  8. ...To Be Loved
  9. Reckless
  10. Had Enough (Acoustic)
  11. Forever (Live Session)
  12. Hollywood Whore
  13. Lifeline
  14. Scars (Acoustic)

Time for Annihilation: On the Record & on the Road (2010)Edit

Papa Roach - Time for Annihilation - On the Record & on the Road
Time for Annihilation: On the Record & On the Road
  1. Burn
  2. One Track Mind
  3. Kick in the Teeth
  4. No Matter What
  5. The Enemy
  6. Getting Away with Murder (Live)
  7. ...To Be Loved (Live)
  8. Lifeline (Live)
  9. Scars (Live)
  10. Hollywood Whore (Live)
  11. Time Is Running Out (Live)
  12. Forever (Live)
  13. Between Angels and Insects (Live)
  14. Last Resort (Live)

The Connection (2012)Edit

Papa Roach - The Connection
The Connection
  1. Engage
  2. Still Swingin'
  3. Where Did the Angels Go
  4. Silence Is the Enemy
  5. Before I Die
  6. Wish You Never Met Me
  7. Give Me Back My Life
  8. Breathe You In
  9. Leader of the Broken Hearts
  10. Not That Beautiful
  11. Walking Dead
  12. Won't Let Up
  13. As Far as I Remember
iTunes Bonus Track
  1. You Gotta Want It
Japanese Edition Bonus Track
  1. Set Me Off
Deluxe Edition bonus tracks
  1. What's Left of Me
  2. 9th Life

F.E.A.R. (2015)Edit

Papa Roach - F.E.A.R.
  1. Face Everything and Rise
  2. Skeletons
  3. Broken as Me
  4. Falling Apart
  5. Love Me Till It Hurts
  6. Never Have to Say Goodbye
  7. Gravity (featuring Maria Brink)
  8. War Over Me
  9. Devil
  10. Warriors (featuring Royce Da 5'9")
CD bonus tracks
  1. Hope for the Hopeless
  2. Fear Hate Love

As Featured ArtistEdit

  1. Anxiety (with The Black Eyed Peas)

Live and Unreleased SongsEdit

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Additional information

Years active:


Band members:
  • Jacoby Shaddix - lead vocals
  • Jerry Horton - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Tobin Esperance - bass guitar, backing vocals (1996-present)
  • Tony Palermo Wikipedia16 - drums, percussion (2007-present)
Former members:
  • Will James - bass guitar, backing vocals (1993-1996)
  • Dave Buckner - drums, percussion (1993-2008)
Related artists:
Record labels:

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