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Tides That Kill

This song is by Panzer AG and appears on the album This Is My Battlefield (2004).

Place to sleep
Sleep in place
Place your tears
Tears in hiding
Hiding from eyes
Eyes that storm
Storms that tide
Tides that kill

Time will fade your color
Years will dim your light
You've moved into the other
This side will hold you tight
Nothing more I could have done
Nothing less then move the sun
You're better off this way
Taken away, far away from your pain

No one blames you or hates your need
For wanting a new, for needing to breathe
This world choked you and stole your desire
You're cut from the post and pulled out from the fire

I couldn't help you
You would not let me
I couldn't save you
You just detached me
I know you wanted
You reached out for me
I watched you fall to your grave in me

Music by:

Andy LaPlegua, Jon Horton and Lauren Krothe

Lyrics by:


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