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​Separated By Night

This song is by Pantokrator and appears on the album Songs Of Solomon (2001) and on the album A Decade Of Thoughts (2006).

I long for my garden, my love,
The wine of loneliness I have drunk.
I long to feed upon thy beauty,
Open to me my sister, my dove.
For my hair is filled with dew,
In the shades of night I stand.
At thy gate I wait for thee,
Quench my thirst embrace me!
I roam the streets by night,
Driven by a passion beyond my darkest fear.
Desire burns my soul, I can not sleep,
I find no peace.
In deepest pain I dwell
Like a possessed man under a spell. My fragile heart is in thine hands.
My throat is dry, no wine can quench my burning thirst.