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​Come Let Us Flee

This song is by Pantokrator and appears on the album Songs Of Solomon (2001) and on the album A Decade Of Thoughts (2006).

How fair you are
How flaweless, how undefiled,
I find no words fit for thee
My lily among the thorns
Rise up my love and come away for lo
The winter is over and gone and the rains has passed away.
The gentle flowers appear in the blackened earth,
I hear the voice of a thousand birds,
I see the vines with tender grapes.
(I hear the whispers of the wind)
Arise and come away,
Let us flee my love,
Do not turn away,
I am bound by thee, my crown I lay down.
My royal masquerade.
To you I am just a simple man,
Naked is my soul, my heart is yours.
You have conquered me,
The land is vast, let us flee.