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My Way

This song is by paniq and appears on the album Advertising for Metaphysics (2003).

"Don't you just take the past, and put it in a room in the basement, and lock the door and never go in there? That's what I do."

The eerie symbols reappear
And I breathe in smokey air
Something's whining in my ear
I paid an one-way fare
Thousand visions of my fears,
Thousand visions of despair
My thoughts are drowning in tears
For thousand visions of a scare

Trying my way
Screamin' my way
Crying my way
Dreamin' my way

And in my deepest gloom
Sick of my tiny egogame
Deep in my inner room
Someone's whispering my name
And I remember what they said
It's just a life you play
Why do we have a head?
'Cause it's the matter of faith

Livin' my way
Needing my way
Givin' my way
Breathing my way

"Everybody should have one talent, what's yours?"
"Forging signatures, telling lies, and impersonating practically anybody."
"That's three."

Credits Edit

samples from the movie "The Talented Mr. Ripley"

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