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This song is by paniq and appears on the album Neurons: Fire At Will (2005).

I can feel the poison running through my veins
I failed my mission to become a wicked saint
I grew the mistake to the point of no return
I ate forbidden fruits, now I've got to learn
Oh, my whole existence comes and says: good bye
I feel so lonely and so cold, I think that I will die
In all these years I've never been so deep inside my head
I don't know whether I'm awake or if I'm already dead

Life, I need it, I breathe it, I need the show
Life, I have it, I got it, I've got to know
Life, I take it, I earn it, I need it so
Life, I grab it, I hold it, I don't let go

I'm like an animal, hungry on it's way to home
My spirit burned out, down to skin and bones
I am possessed, I feel no power or control
I got lost for salvation, I have sold my soul
I realize my ego has been worthless
My life is perforated with sheer disturbedness
Like turtle without shell, I crawl away from hell
Degenerating into a future that I cannot tell

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