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This song is by Panic Lift and appears on the album Is This Goodbye? (2012).

No one is left to hear this.
I won't get out of this alive,
But I'll give it all this one last time.

As all the noise clears away.
As all the pain starts to fade.
I open myself and you're all I find.
You're so unlikely and so unsure.
But doesn't danger always add to the allure?

Temptress, you know I feel the same,
And just one taste could drive me insane for you.
And so I'll say, temptress I'm sorry for your pain,
But she's the only one that saves me today.
She's my everything.

I guess there's no real way to say
With fragile hearts still on display,
I'll just let time be the one to choose.
Fate seems to always play her cards
No matter how close or how far.
I'll know then what I have to do,
But for now I'll say.