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​Pushed Aside

This song is by Panic Lift and appears on the album Is This Goodbye? (2012).

I kept my thoughts buried in side.
An impulse that came naturally.
Sometimes I feel true self has died
And I've replace him with abnormalities.

And I can't feel safe anymore.
And I can't feel pain anymore
There's just this hole that's deep inside.
A place my soul used to reside.

And when you went away,
You took what's left inside.
What part of me remained
Has all been pushed aside.
And I never told you then
What I'm about to say right now
That you were right to leave
And I just figured that out now.

So much of my anger written down,
It was all misplace hostility,
At night I drove streets up and down
Trying to accept that reality.

More lines.
More time.
More red eyes.
The sunrise seemed like my enemy.
Trashed life.
Trashed songs.
Kill this away.
It's time to change my reality.

Don't look back.
Never look back.