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No Trace to Love

This song is by Panic Lift and appears…

Song of the Day
June 13, 2011
A lie I've heard throughout the years repeats itself again
The names and faces always change but the same words echo in the end
I thought that you were different and I thought that this was really you
But this has ended just the same with no truth left to hold on to

No trace
There's no trace of love to save us
No trace
There's no trace to love to save us

When everything's changed and our lives have been scarred
There is no truth left to save who we are
There's no trace
No trace of love for me in your eyes

How can you just say these lies directly to my face?
What makes you so sure that you can possibly replace?
Why can't you now speak the truth and please just ease my mind?

If you went to him to fulfill a void don't leave here me without the truth behind your eyes
Why do you always keep the truth inside?
Don't tell me I should be okay when you're asleep at night warm next to him
I've been alone now for all this time now but you can't tell me that you've also been
I don't know how you feel inside those are words you'd never say
I don't know if your lost and confused or if I'm just a pawn in a twisted game
You have no idea how this feels so don't tell me how I should act
Cause' you don't know how this fucking feels so please don't tell me to relax
You can't tell me this was all in vain after the words you spoke to me in my arms
I really wish you'd get your story straight cause' right now I see past your charm...

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