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This song is by Panic Lift and appears on the album Is This Goodbye? (2012).

There's a crossroads in mind.
Accumulating fear.
There are shadows in my past.
But I can't keep them there.
I know I want to change,
But still I stay the same.
I know there's things I want
Without giving what I have.

With everything I see.
I'm lost without a clue.
Just wanna shut out every single one o f you.
Locking all my doors.
Turn off all my lights.
My only comfort is when I fall asleep at night.

And we all just fall apart
And we all just fade away.
Just as building turn to dust.
We returned to the ground someday.

I should just live my life.
I should just play the game.
But still I do what's right
And regret it everyday.

I'd rather have no friends.
I'd like to sever ties.
I'd like to be alone
To wither away and die.
I find my peace when I'm alone.
Finally on my time,
My mind no longer burns with the anxiety of life.

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