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Up My Sleeve

This song is by Palaxy Tracks.

I know you've run through this a thousand time in your head
What were those words you said and why did they have to be said
And what is it I would have done if I'd been thinking

With some bit of luck we'll change they we both learned to behave
And all that we tried to be for everyone else but ourselves
Summer is finally here
Will you be hanging around?

But I cannot safely say we're having fun
Oh I see your eyes, they're telling me we're done
Knocking down walls in the comfort of our home
Boy I wanna know, are you telling me we're done?
You can't run from a gun

By chance or by appointment when will we finally meet?
It's been ten years to the day and you promised me we'd be happy
There's something I wanted to say, but I've been holding out

Now I'm really not all that sure how to let it go
A mystery to solve
Oh I wanna learn all those words so I can sing your songs
Embarrass you in love

I hate the fact that we have born a love that can remain (with no reason)

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