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Dead Language

This song is by Palaxy Tracks.

I'm ready for a Summer storm tonight
To wash away the wilderness and make us shine
So shake the weather off your clothes and hide

But maybe there's a better way to get my point across the wire
Deliver me from all the lies and tell me why you were right
I don't want to be left behind
I know why from the gun you hide

So tell me everything you know tonight
And lift the weight of evidence from both our minds
Maybe all I need from you is time

There's something in this for both us
I made a promise I'll keep tonight
And maybe something is telling me a code of silence is all we have
But was there ever a "both of us"
I broke a promise a made tonight

But can't we both be right when all we do is fight
The sound of tongues untied
I said, "I'm gonna run"
You said, "They're not your wife"
I'm the one, your life, and you burn too bright

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