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The Way

This song is by Painbastard and appears on the album No Need To Worry (2006).

You said your heart has implode
Don't understand my moral code
You cannot stand the twinge in your chest
You had withdrawn without my interest
I say: Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans
I think we have expected too much
Now we do not feel us when we touch

One day I think you got cold feet
Cheat me, killed sanity
Honesty is the best policy
But you were differently minded, so I see
We've broken up but I still feel you
We've talked to much, wasted our breath
We must confess: We made a mess

The time will tell, my turn will come
I changed my clock, left nothing undone
And I take care to recognize the signs
But one thing I pledge my word
Will never die, even it will hurt
Our ribbon will not tear apart

Is there anybody else
Who feels the way
The way I feel
Or here does anybody else
Keep out of my way

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