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Parting From You

This song is by Painbastard and appears on the album Borderline (2007).

I am taking you to your grave
I remember everything, feel only pain
I know your death came as release
And it was the way you chose it

It is wrong to indulge in self pity
Cause you were the one who suffered acute pain
You were the one who suffered alone
Who suffered secretly, who suffered in silence

I could scream, I could cry
But I weep in secret
Nothing can wipe off my tears
Nothing can prevent the trauma

No light interferes with the dark
No day break the seemingly endless nights
Words don't die down
I realize nothing at all

You have given birth to me
And now I am taking you to the grave
You have given birth to me and suffered
Now you left this world under great pain

I miss you
Oh god, I miss you
It lacerates my heart
I want to turn back the clock

Why you of all the people of the world
I do not want to let you leave at all
All the pain is tearing me apart
Let me wake up from this nightmare

Now I lay you to rest
Say goodbye for the last time

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