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Madhouse Earth

This song is by Painbastard and appears on the album Borderline (2007).

They slaughter each other
And insist in their innocence
Their laughter's perfidious
With a steely glance

Their hands are covered in blood
But they claim to have a clean slate
They call themselves "Human beings"
But in fact they are scum

We live in a crazy world
Where inhumanity is really human
Where religions rank above human lives
And politicians lie to their own nation

This is our world
The breeding place of our doom
An accumulation of shit and blood
And an anthology of pain and fear

No respect for dignity
No interests in verity
No shame of immorality
Earn money with the defence economy

Child abuse is a type of merchandise
Justice depends on the price
To all whom in may concern:
Fuck you, I hate you all

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