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Kinky Species

This song is by Painbastard and appears on the album No Need To Worry (2006).

I see beheaded men, see body parts go up in flames
Suicide assassins are terrorizing the whole world
I see hooded face, mantled girls, a lot of blazes
Differently minded people are stoned to death
Everything in the name of your god

I'm an unbeliever, I am an infidel, I'm irreligious
Fuck your religious liberty
Madness, hate and odium, warmongers and misdirection
Fuck the freedom of religious stultification

I can't understand, and I won't understand
I don't want to understand
'Cause it is cruel, barbarous and inhuman
Stay there where you come from
I will never get in touch with you
Stay away from here

I heard somebody was sentenced to death
'Cause he drew a caricature of your god
And another man was supposed to die
'Cause he abdicated the belief in your god, yeah
I saw you kidnap innocent people and you also hijack planes
You talk about a holy war, demand tolerance but are most intolerant

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