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This song is by Painbastard and appears on the album Kriegserklärung (2010).

When my day is black and I don't wanna go home
When my heart is cracked I would like to live on my own
When I found a reason not to trust you
Your abyss become my season I'll break my way through

When I'm misunderstood, feel out of the right place
I would go up in smoke if I could but not lose my face
When you tell me things I don't wanna hear
Just out of decency I don't disappear

These are the moments, these are the days
When I wish to be dead I miss my living space
It's too cold, too sweat, to warm to freeze
And the weight on my shoulders is so heavy that I fall on my knees
I cannot run away, I cannot hide
Everything's wrong and nothing's right
I lose myself, my world becomes small
I wish I could be invisible

Am I invisible?

When injustice stinks to high heaven and I cannot prevent it
When you betray me so obviously and think I'll forget it
When you cheat me again and again and build a house of lies
Not knowing that every tear can make me colder than ice

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