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Fuck U All!

This song is by Painbastard and appears on the album Kriegserklärung (2010).

You wanna control me like it used to be
Decide what's right and wrong but lying all along
Dictate what I should hate but I'm a law graduate
You can't appreciate and underestimate it
My opinions are very unpopular
And your ignorance is only self-defence
But this stupidity means that you cannot see
You offend me dignity, an unforgivable injury

Fuck you all, all you agitators
All you pen pushers and perpetrators
Fuck you all, you demagogues
Burn in hell and suck cocks

You think your philosophy will be my dignity
But that's a stupidity your life's an elegy
You overrate yourself and scramble for wealth
Talking without sense, you are totally dense
You're on your own crusade for all the things you hate
Admit no contradiction, mix up facts and fiction
At last I must confess I'm really not the best
But at least I try to be no man of apathy

Fuck you all, all you oppressors
All you religious ambassadors
Fuck you all and shut the fuck up
You mean nothing to me and I will make you stop

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