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Don't Wake Me Up

This song is by Painbastard and appears on the album Kriegserklärung (2010).

All the time before today
I was pure, did not betray
My idealism let me believe
Love conquers all, no bitter grief
But reality is so cruel
I realized I was a fool
No more tears, no more pain
No aimlessness, never again

Don't wake me up when I'm dreaming
Sometimes life is too hard to bear
And if it seems that I'm screaming
Let me be, my nightmare will be the fare
Life isn't fair

False prophets, I saw them die
They promised me the pie in the sky
Biggest dreams turned to lies
I gave up hope and closed my eyes
Since that day for evermore
I broke up with you, you dirty whore
You wasted my time, told only lies
For this betrayal you had to die

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