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Digging Our Own Graves

This song is by Painbastard and appears on the album Borderline (2007).

We lumber the forests,
Destroy the green lungs of our world
And pollute the air and oceans
Until the last animal has died
We import foreign workers
For a rise in unemployment
And bleed our people with taxes
Until everybody is working on the side

We're digging our own graves
And bite the hand that feeds us
We're cutting off our nose
To spite our face!

We're wiping out our own flesh and blood
But at the end we've to pay our bill

We fight the terror with terror
Until the terror prevails over us
We invent ever more effective weapons
Razing our world to the ground
We preach tolerance
But don't receive it in return
But everything we've done in the past
Will redound upon us real soon now

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