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This song is by Painbastard.

Face all the empty eyes
Look how the body cries
And feel the final breath
Before they starve to death

They don't think about new cars
Try to hide their scars
When we drink the costliest wine
Water keeps them alive

Food out of garbage pail
A very young child for sale
Tranquilize the cold an fears
Nobody sees their tears

In our decadence
Blindness and arrogance
And we take delight in our sins

This world is maniac and nobody pays attention
No balance within the human race
Reach for more common wealth
But it's the profit for no one else

Oppression and poverty
Crime, hate and apologies
We think we do it right
But it's a crime against the human kind

Wasting money every day
For a better world we pray
But prayers without actions
Won't change the facts

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