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Cold World

This song is by Painbastard and appears on the album Borderline (2007).

Everyday I burn bridges behind me
Feel the factitiousness of society
Self appointed friends clap on my shoulder
A little later they stap a knife into my back

Money soils a person, ruins existences
Greed makes you blond, reckless and emotionless
So it will be the fate of the human race
To suffocate from its own lies

Cold world
End up in smoke
Hey you people
I spit in your face
You are a disgrace

I look forward to nothing at all
Don't wanna hear halfhearted apologies
Will not rely on empty and catchy words
An ironic smile is everything you will see

As you sow, so you shall reap
But the final result won't please you
As you treat me so I'll treat you
So don't be surprised when I'll hurt you

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